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Alternator Regulators

Voltage Regulators


Cars use voltage regulators within the system that maintains the batterys charge.
Alternators are used to generate power, which is fed into the cars battery to maintain a full charge.
The power generated by the cars charging system is also used to run the cars electrical systems, such as its headlights, stereo, power windows and ventilation systems.


The cars alternator has a pulley on one side that is turned by one of the engines drive belts.
The engines speed varies during acceleration and shifting gears, so voltage regulators are needed to control the output produced by the alternator. Without a regulator, the engine could produce an excessively high voltage output when the car is being driven at faster speeds, sending a surge through the system, overcharging the battery and damaging the cars electrical systems. A very low voltage output might not produce enough power to maintain the batterys charge and run the cars electronic systems, creating a load on the battery and potentially reducing the batterys life.


Replacing Regulators


When voltage regulators stop working, they need to be replaced. We can identify the regulator you require by its serial number or that of the alternator.  We stock alot more 12v regualtora and 24v regulators than we list online so call us if what you need is not listed.


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